A modification to Gustavsen and Semlyen’s vector fitting algorithm

I’ve done some recent work on system characterisation, with possible application to Radar Absorbent Materials (RAM). This involves locating the poles and zeros of the input impedance function using a vector fitting algorithm. See report Zed_estimators

One novel modification, my “null-space” variant, works very well in the representation of infinite order rational functions by models of finite order.

New research in 2019

It’s been a while since I last updated this post. For anyone who’s interested, I’ve been engaged in several new research projects including (1) methods to determine the level of inhomogeneous diffuse scatter from randomly distributed particles in metamaterials and artificial dielectrics, (2) radar cross section control using hyperuniform stealthy distributions and (3) theoretical absorption and bandwidth limitations of magnetic radar absorbent materials. UELtd is always interested in researching topics of a similar nature.